Sunday, 3 May 2015

Our Beautiful World

I snapped this photo of Luna our daughters Chinchilla this week and thought I use it as my image for this weeks at Our Beautiful World - Week 95
Manuela has suggested the topic this week
 And that prompted me to show you this snapshot of Luna and gd Sophie a few weeks ago (after Luna had been to the groomer....
they love each other and both will often 'smooch up' to the other for a face rub.
Please take a moment to visit the Our Beautiful World blog and see the photos of the other team member and maybe you would like to share a few photos of your own, we would love to see them.
Thanks for taking a peek


  1. Oh so sweet!! What gorgeous photos!

  2. Oh my, how cute they both look on your 2. snapshot! Chinchilla Cats have such a soft fur! Super snapshots!


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