Friday, 3 July 2015

Friday Smiles

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Now this morning I made a deal with myself...all day in the craft room but only after I'd sorted out our tax papers...That's them on the table....I stuff them nicely in that green bag each year and then end of June and I have to sort out the good stuff from the junk and file it in the purple expanding why don't I just do it during the year..pathetic hey!!!
Anyway it's all done, not half as bad as in the past few years because we sold off our two investment properties.  Now just got to wait for a few end of financial year statements and it can all go to the tax accountant..   Half that first stack went in the bin!

Got to share a couple more pics that have me happy....I've started the sorting and's the second bedroom....DONE
Now here's the carport....NOT done.
I opened all the boxes to see what was inside...we have only been in the rental for 11 months and I didn't unpack from the move so it'll be easier...I hope.

Now a chuckle...from this packing

I decided to wash all the linen that's been in the cupboard and not used. I have an old feather quilt...will I toss it or keep it... I decided to see how it would wash up and then decide.  MMMMM so when I got it out of the machine...oooh dear, one of the seams had come adrift and there were feathers.....everywhere,  Thank goodness it was a small hole...shook the thing outside and there's feathers all over the lawn. Then I had to careful wipe out the washing machine to catch all those fluffy things...not too bad...just a few stuck to the clothes in the next three washes...
Thanks for taking a peek today, enjoy your weekend, Cheers


  1. Oh bless you.....I'm right there with you with the tax papers. Only yesterday I got all mine up to date and completed my tax form and, like you, there was rather a lot to catch up with.....give me a sewing machine any day eh?
    Oh and boxes! boxes! and yet more boxes!! It seems years since we packed our house up for the move [oh yes, it actually is years!!]. We have spent the last week moving ours around the bungalow trying to find spaces for it all ready for the builders to make a start. I have a feeling we won't know what's hit us when we actually have space/room to empty all the boxes into......but of course some of it hasn't been used/needed for the last two years so might not be needed at all :-) :-)
    As to the feathers?....just thinking about them is making me sneeze [I'm allergic to feathers!!].....but I have to admit it did make me chuckle. :-)
    Have a great week my friend.
    Annie x

  2. Oh Robyn, what fun and games you have been having your way, must admit I do usually file as I go, but not terribly well this month or last month so catch up here, felt for you with the doona, am amazed you tried it... More game than I. :) must read to see where you are moving to.. Happy smiles day, Shaz in Oz,x

  3. I'm purging in my craft room right now, so I know the problem with boxes and messes (says the neat freak who is entertaining, starting this afternoon). I had a feather PILLOW break on me in the washer, so I feel your pain. Mine split down one side, so I had more feathers than you apparently had. I'll NEVER own another feather pillow again. Have a great weekend and glad you got your taxes sorted. That's the best way to start the weekend, I'm sure. Ours are due at the first of the year, so we have ours behind us for awhile.

  4. What a job it must have been , don't envy you. Had to laugh about the feathers,... been there done that. Tee her!
    Jo x

  5. rather you than me with papers and boxes, I can just image the feathers...


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