Friday, 7 August 2015

Friday Smiles

Share a smile...   Week 131 if you're joining in the "happy" shares at Annies blog.
I posted a photo of this flowering Bromeliad last week and now today as I was packing all the plants into the caravan to take up to Townsville tomorrow, I noticed that the petal parts were rolling up - now I've got to hope they all make the trip safely.

Also this week it was Henry's turn at finding a new place for a of my packing boxes.  Four packed in my craft room now 
 Now this is my laugh for the week...yep it's my towels drying on the line.... I've packed all the others and do you know how many times I just needed a hand towel in the bathroom or kitchen on Monday... LOTS  - not very good planning hey!!

So do  you have something that made you smile or laugh this week...want to share with us, then pop over to Annies and join in the's too short not to be happy. Enjoy your weekend


  1. Hi Robyn. Your flower is so very unusual and really beautiful.....I hope it survives your travels. Give a cat a box and they are happy for hours...fab pic. As for the just know you will want all the things you've just packed :-) :-)
    Annie x

  2. Actually, I'm laughing at Henry. Seems all cats love boxes and bags. Squiggles just discovered the joy of a paper bag this week. So, of course I laughed at Henry.

    Oh goodness. Your Bromeliad is absolutely stunning. Sorry I missed it last week. I hope it survives the trip. Looks like you are well on your way to packing everything, though.

    Have a lovely Friday and a great weekend, Robyn. Dry those hands on your shirt (JOKE)!!

  3. Robyn, I nearly missed you other two posts.

    Hope the plants all make it without any damage.

    It's so typical that the one thing you need has been packed up.

    Hope you have a fab Friday. Sue

  4. Your plant is amazing Robin. I had to smile about the towels. Pack the ironing board. If you're anything like me it won't be a problem! Your cat-in-a-box really made me smile. Barbxx

  5. Your plant is amazing Robin. I had to smile about the towels. Pack the ironing board. If you're anything like me it won't be a problem! Your cat-in-a-box really made me smile. Barbxx

  6. Gorgeous bromeliad and I hope they get to their new home unscathed.... just like you. It's maazing how a simple thing like a dry towel can be a joy!
    Jo x

  7. oo I have one of those in my back garden in a pot - Not noticed if the petals are curling - I will go look later. Have a great week Soojay 8

  8. Hi Robyn,
    I've been gone from blogland for quite a while...... I take it you are moving? The bromeliad is beautiful. I'm not familiar with the plant; reminds me of a bird of paradise.


  9. Hi Robin, you flower has a very other-worldly look about it. I hope it travels well for you and I hope you have a safe journey. Love the photo of your kitty taking refuge in a box. And isn't it always the way when packing that you will need something vital that's in a box somewhere :) Elizabeth xx

  10. I do hope the flower survives the journey. It is beautiful and so unusual. I am not surpised the cat is in a box. Boxes are like magnets to my cats. They just have to investigate. I love to see a line of washing blowing in the breeze, be it towels bedding or clothes. I hope the move goes well. Kate x

  11. Beautiful blue sky washing day! That Bromeliad is lovely - I hope it travels well to your new place. x Jo

  12. Even tightly rolled up the flower is beautiful!

  13. I did smile! I've done something similar. (We all have I'm sure). You try to be sooo organized and then it fires back!
    I hope you get the Bromeliad over in one piece. It is a beauty!
    Thanks for commenting Friday and sorry for being so late myself. (I got busy). Have a good week,

  14. That plant looks fabulous. Not seen one like that before. Hope it makes it ok.
    I think your cat is just making sure you don't go without hime!!


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