Friday, 14 August 2015

Friday Smiles

Share a smile...  Friday Smiles and Week 132
and it's the middle of August - Annie where is the year going??

I have had a great week, a bit hectic, long hours in the car but plenty to smile about..... also only 12 days till the removalists come...

There she is - little miss Sophie - Oh wow and we go to spend the whole day with her on Monday. If you remember we drove the caravan, cats and plants up to Townsville last weekend and then Sophie arrived home with mum and dad from their trip to Perth to see her other grandparents and as she had slept on the flight and mum and dad hadn't and they were due to go to work the next day .... yeah... so we got to be baby sitters. Well then hubby fixed the swing and hung it from one of the mango trees in the back yard... she just loves it...I got her to wave to me when I ran upstairs for the camera.
AND while we were home the architect called around and the plans for the house renos are now finalized - so I'm also smiling lots about that.
The sun rise photos following are from our trip back on Tuesday... the white on the first pic is really low lying fog - beautiful to see and then as we headed south the fog got thicker... I took lots of photos from the car as it changed every few kilometers.
Now back at home and today I've been sllloooowly packing a few more boxes of my craft room.  I am trying to condense 9 of those plastic drawer sets that were the craze a while back. Now I've one big jar of buttons instead of finding them scattered through out and finally removed a box full from those tiny plastic bags attached to clothes... do you collect them?  I have jars of OLD embossing powder and some with broken lids so these are going in the bin.  I really just wanted to pack a couple of boxes and then stamp up a new stamp that arrived today... oh well, there's tomorrow.
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Thanks for taking a peek, enjoy your weekend


  1. Miss Sophie is such a cutie! Love the photos - the one of the fog is so beautiful. Anne x

  2. Oh Robyn what an exciting time ahead. I've just been looking back at memories on Facebook cos it's a year tomorrow that we moved in here :-) Little Sophie is such a many smiles come because of the little ones dont they? Gorgeous sky pics too.
    Really hope it's a great week for you and all your packing goes to plan.
    Big hugs,
    Annie x

  3. What a little sweetie Sophie is. Swinging on the mango tree sounds so exotic from this side of the world. Good luck with the ongoing packing. Barbxx

  4. Lovely photos Robyn and that little Sophie certainly made me smile - what a sweetheart. x Jo

  5. Lovely photos - I LOVE the misty one. Have a great week and good luck with all the packing xxSoojay 3

  6. My, she will be a heart breaker.

    Hope your move goes smoothly. Also hope you have a lovely weekend. Sue

  7. My word, Sophie is changing so fast. She is a proper little girl now.
    I do save all the buttons. But sorting them out would be a sure way of not achieving anything else that day. I used to play with mum´s button box when I was little, and now hers have joined mine, and I have even more to play with! I was supposed to start tidying my room today, but instead I had a nostalgic browse through the scrapbooks I made for my two youngest sons. Hey ho. The room will be just the same tomorrow.
    I love the misty sunrise photo too. Kate x

  8. Lovely photos of Miss Sophie. Especially where she waves at you from the swing.
    And the photos of that mist are stunning! Thanks for posting those.
    Yes, you have an exciting time ahead. Keep smiling!

  9. Gorgeous photos of Miss Sophie. Lucky you to get such nice pictures to scrapbook.
    Those other photos are lovely too.
    Good luck with the packing. I dread the thought of ever having to pack mine up!!

  10. How lovely she is and it is so good to have them with you! I'm enjoying mine too just now.
    Good luck hoping things go smoothly for you and looking forward to hearing all about it!
    Jo x

  11. Hi always love your Friday Smiles. Sophie is looking gorgeous and I absolutely love your foggy photos..can definitely relate to those lol! Good luck with the packing and your move...exciting times. x

  12. Fabulous photos of beautiful Sophie and also of the foggy sunrise. I'm enjoying reading about how you are tackling your craft room packing, especially as I am going through the same just to clear the room for decorating ... I'll be tossing a lot too :) Good news on the house renovations too. Have a good week. Elizabeth xx


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