Friday, 21 August 2015

Friday Smiles

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Hi everyone, too busy packing here to take that's not true, I had a lovely day making cards before I finally have to pack the stamping gear and close the boxes or at least the ones the removalists need to take. The bare essentials will still be with me for the trip up in my car. No photos but I did manage to see these two 'funnies' on FB to share...

Hope you've had a great week and if you'd like to share your happiness pop over to Annie's blog and join in. Cheers and have a wonderful weekend


  1. Yes - you made me smile twice Robyn. Good luck with the move. Have a lovely week. Barbxx

  2. Love the funnies today Robyn. It's so good of you to spare time to link up today when I know you must be really busy. Walls going up everywhere today :-)
    Really hope your move goes well.
    Annie x

  3. I like your funnies! It's so true though. We women are terrible, when it comes to shopping.

  4. Ha Ha - I have a whole load of those mugs in my wish list at amazon - Love them and your fab cartoon. Have a great week . Soojay x

  5. Had a chuckle at these two:)

    Hope you have a nice weekend. Sue

  6. Not sure I will show hubby the mug as he might get ideas!! Funny enough, he doesn't go shopping with me very often....wonder why!!!
    Love that funny too. In my job that is even funnier....I work in the Probate Department at the solicitors!

  7. Hee hee - once again good luck for the move. Anne x

  8. I saw that mug on Face book today. I read it out to my hubby and he smiled too. But he hates shopping anyway, so I usually get away with buying what I want!
    I hope the final bits of the move go well. Kate x

  9. Love the funnies but I laughed more thinking of you being carried out, still crafting, as the removal van leaves.
    BTW, I have been known to finish stitching a hem up in a taxi as I left for a party wearing the dress I had made for the event!
    Jo x

  10. Hi Robyn, sorry for being so late ... I was away for the weekend and returned to start packing everything away in my craft room ready for a makeover so time has been incredibly limited. Admittedly, I'm not moving house but it feels like it! Chuckling at your funny photos now :) Hope your move has gone well. Hugs, Elizabeth xx


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