Saturday, 19 September 2015

Friday Smiles

Hi's been a topsy turvy week for me - but plenty to make me happy. First off I was thinking that as hubby was away working I would get to spend some time in the craftavan - I did, result just one card (not counting the one I made late yesterday - post following).
 I did play in my garden though - I like the early mornings about 6am, everything is fresh and the soil easy to dig... so I finished this side fence garden, hubby had got me a trailer load of garden soil last weekend, and topped that with some sugar cane mulch. So with that all in place I reaped the excess from other overgrown parts of the garden - that purple and green plant makes great borders, then divided my bromeliads and spaced them. The crotons will come along now with some care and water and provide nice shade for these as the sun takes a more overhead path.
I'm really smiling with the finished bed AND all the lilies along the back fence are beginning to make a lovely show
Here's little miss Sophie - I unexpectedly spent the day helping DD with emptying her cupboards as the pest man was in to give the place a treatment and they only gave them 2 hours notice that they needed access to the cupboards.......SO we had a huge empty, tidy out and cleaning day - but we're grateful it's all done now as DD has less than 8 weeks till no 2 baby is due.  Sophie was helping here while we re-stacked the linen cupboard - nice pillow and blanket to take a rest on the lounge floor.
That's all for this week, I'm off to spend the day with my friend Vikki to do some serious stamping - and to hear all about their wonderful holiday in Europe. Pop over to Annies blog and join in with your happy moments.  Enjoy your weekend

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  1. Wow Robyn your garden is really gorgeous. Those lillies are stunning. As for little Sophie she sure looks cosy down there :-) So much to smile about.
    Annie x

  2. Hi Robyn, those lilies look lovely and so does Sophie! Enjoy your day stamping and catching up with jealous, give her a hug from me.

  3. Your garden is looking good Robyn, worth all the work. Little Sphie looks comfy all snuggled up. Have a good time with your friend. I'm off to see my bestie tomorrow. Barbxx

  4. Sophie is so cute tucked up down there. The lilies look beautiful. Anne x

  5. Sophie is so cute tucked up down there. The lilies look beautiful. Anne x

  6. Love your flower borders.

    Your daughter was lucky you could help out.

    Sophie looks comfortable.

    Take care. Sue

  7. Your garden is coming along nicely there Robyn. Ours is taking on a lovely autumn hue right now. Lovely sunny day today, and not too hot.
    Sophie looks comfy.

  8. The garden looks fab! not sure i could manage the 6 am start but it does make so much sence. Have a great Week . Soojay xx


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