Wednesday, 2 September 2015

What's On Your Workdesk, Wednesday?

There is nothing going on at my desk this Wednesday - but you can see that I have unpacked all my gear from the car and set it up in the caravan...this will be my temporary craft space till the renovations on the house are done.
My inks are on the top of the cupboards along with boxes of the incidentals one uses. And then along the sink area is my cuttlebug and box of dies, heat gun, guillotine, and boxes of clear stamps. The table is just big enough for me to work with my pad and Ott-lite - so I'm set ready to go. There is a blue card there I did make early on Tuesday ....

but today I have had a wonderful time with our daughter and grand daughter at the North Queensland Aquarium - ReefHQ, the world's largest living coral reef aquarium
Want to join in and share a pic or two of your crafty space then pop over to Julias blog and read all about.  I'm off to make a cuppa and check out some desks...thanks to everyone who visited last week and apologies for my lack of comments - I'm back on track now. Cheers


  1. what a lovely cozy place to work, it looks very well organised. Enjoy!
    Jill #23

  2. I love the look of wonder on Sophie's face..I'm just the same in aquariums like that. I think they're wonderful :-)
    How fab that you've settled into your temporary crafting area in the looks great!!
    Hugs, LLJ 5 xxx

  3. That is a fantastic craft space, a brilliant idea. Mentioned it to him indoors and he said if he thought he could get all my stuff in a caravan he would buy me one. I love it Robyn.
    Thanks for the visit and happy crafting, Angela 20 xxx

  4. Hi wonderful to have your own crafty caravan to play in. Hope the move went well and you get your building work done quickly.
    Have a great week,
    Annie x # 17

  5. Hi Robyn, looks like you are settling in to your mobile space. I would love to have a sink and stove right next to my craft space. Gorgeous pic of your grandee admiring the coral.
    sandra de @33

  6. Didn't realise you were going to be living in your caravan for the time being. Takes me back to when we had a static and a spare bedroom which would have kitted out nicely for me with all the storage it had. Mmmm envy!
    Lovely way to spend the day with the little one - keep smiling.
    Hugs, Neet 18 xx

  7. You are looking well organised and cosy in your crafty caravan! I love the card you made (I just saw it in your previous post). Looks like you had a lovely day with your family - a lovely memory to cherish in the future! Hope you have a great week, and thank you so much for stopping by my desk earlier,
    Diana #26

  8. I quite like the idea of a seperate space to craft in ( can you lock the door??) Looks fab. Have a great week and thanks for your earlier visit . Soojay x

  9. Oh, you have your craftavan - how great is that! Always a bonus when you can close a door.

  10. Well I think having your craft room in the caravan is a fab idea.

    Your granddaughter was obviously enthralled by the reef.

    Hope you are having a good week. Sue

  11. where there is a will there is a way I am so impressed your camper has become the crafty house :) ~Stacy #46

  12. So glad you have organised yourself a lovely craft space there! x Jo

  13. How cool to have a caravan all to yourself for crafting and how exciting to have renovations. Not the actual painful time where they're doing it but think about when it's finished. Your granddaughter is so cute and she looks really excited. Love those underwater places.
    Have a great week and enjoy your craftyvan.
    Von #13

  14. oh, I love your caravan, what a super craft room it makes! hope the work isn't too painful or disruptive!! The aquarium photo is great!! Helen 2

  15. Hi Robyn you're one of the few I've called on thus far, super uber late ... But wowsers... Love the craftavan!!! What brilliant idea!!! What happens though if you need to go away on hols? Guess you've the important things ready there ;)
    And little Sophie she is so cute and enough to melt the hardest heart, what fun you will have, I guess they like nearby .. Hugs Shaz.
    BTW saw your spider orchid too it's beautiful.. And trust you won't need to wait too long for the renos to be done.

  16. Great crafting space Robyn....lots of fun to be in had in there I feel!!!!

  17. Love your desk! Looks like a fun time!


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