Friday, 4 September 2015

Friday Smiles

OH HAPPY DAY, OH HAPPY DAY - It's Friday again!!! where did that week go??  Can't believe we've been home for a week - but  I have been a busy lady.
Share a smile...Got the house in order - having had to fit two household pantry's into one (small one) and re-sort the fridge, and in doing so have rearranged the kitchen cupboards, the back deck and sorted my stamping gear from the car into my craftavan (as someone on WOYWW commented - I like it) - see last pic.  Then Thursday the removalists arrived with all our gear which no fills the downstairs area of our house.  So it's been one busy week and yes everything is falling into place.
 On Wednesday I caught up with miss Sophie and mum and we went to the aquarium - she love turtles and how big is this one??  And below she popped up in the 'Nemo' tank  - it was a wonderful hour or so.
 My garden is in a bad was but I do have this spider orchid flowering in the mango tree....
 and these are the bulbs I replanted a few trips back along the back fence - I have quite a few buds where I did think I might have interrupted their season and would have to wait till next year to see them

I've had plenty to smile about this week so if you'd like to share your happiness with us pop over to Annies blog - A stitch in time, and join in the fun.  Have a wonderful weekend, Cheers


  1. Hi Robyn,
    I love that orange flower, whats it called, it looks a bit like a lily/amaryllis?
    Gill x

  2. Hi Robyn - yay you've moved! Love the craftavan :-) I've had a few days with my son and family - a real tonic! Anne x

  3. So glad you hear you're settling back home well and managing to fit two houses into one house space....I'm still doing that here ;-) I love the pic of your little granddaughter....isn't nature wonderful?
    Annie x

  4. The look on Sophie's face in the turtle pic - she looks in awe! What a great way to spend the afternoon
    Happy Friday

  5. Hi Robyn, glad to hear you're getting sorted out. The craftavan looks very smart. What lovely photos at the aquarium. Yes that's one huge turtle.

    That's so special having a mango tree in the garden! I love mangos. Have a lovely week. Barbxx

  6. Gosh you have been working hard! So much to do and so little space....
    I love your craftavan! Your own little haven where you can escape to. What a blessing in what is essentially an unsettling time.
    Love the photos from the acquarium. I do so love turtles! (Never seen a real one. Yes, I have.... have been to the huge aquarium in Valencia last year!)
    Your flowers are lovely, and a mango tree! Now wait until it bears fruit.
    Thanks for visiting,

  7. That sea life adventure looks fab - all those little Nemos! x Jo

  8. aww Robyn - just those words "Mango Tree" made me smile - if only! Some lovely photos - what a fab turtle!! Have a great week. Soojay x

  9. Love the look of your orchid in the tree....oh to have orchids in the tree instead of in my kitchen!!! I do love my orchids but would rather see them in their natural habitat!!
    Loved seeing Sophie in the aquarium. We went to the one in Boston last year and I loved it. I don't like animals in captivity but most of these have been rescued, including Myrtle the Turtle!!

  10. Glad you are getting sorted.

    We have a Sea Life centre near here, where you walk under the displays, but nothing on that scale.

    Love the flowers.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend. Sue

  11. I love the photo of Sophie in the Nemo tank. What fun!
    I would love to have a mango tree on my land. That would really make me happy. Your craftavan is great, and a wonderful way to keep crafting until the renovation work is done. Don´t overdo things. I am sure you will get sorted out eventually. Kate x.

  12. Hi Robyn, glad to hear the move has gone okay and that you are starting to settle in. Those brightly coloured flowers from your bulbs must have made a welcoming sight too. Love the photo of Sophie in the Nemo Tank. Must say I like your 'craftavan' - I'm sure it is a little haven of peace in which to create :) Elizabeth xx


Thank you for taking the time to comment, all encouragement and inspiration is very welcome. May your day be a happy and extra special one, cheers Robyn