Friday, 16 October 2015

Friday Smiles

over at Annies blog...pop over there and join in with the things that have made you week special.
I missed last week as we went away camping for a couple of nights with family and friends.
It was so relaxing, a bit dry and dusty as we're badly in need of rain but we were able to have the good old camp fire. 
 There we lots of birds... including hens and peacocks that roamed free about the place and Sophie was intrigued...she got to see the male display his feathers, also a few kangaroos and an echidna.
 She also enjoyed puddling in the mud when the men emptied the ice water from the esky.
Now this pic was taken last week - Sophie, eating sushi !!! she loves it, and her very pregnant mum - a little over two weeks to exciting
And finally here's a pic of what I call a waterfall orchid attached to one of the mango trees....since I've been 'home' I've been diligently watering it and amazingly the dead looking stalks were just waiting for some TLC... and it has bloomed the last couple of week.
Hope you've had a lovely week with lots to smile about, cheers
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  1. Oh that orchid is gorgeous! Beautiful!
    You had a great time camping I can see. Can you explain a few words, my Australian is not so good.... echidna. What sort of animal is that? And while you're at it... what is an esky? I assume it's a coolbox of sorts. I like your tents. We bought one too recently in case we take the grandkids camping. Our campervan only sleeps two and a half.
    Have a good week,

  2. Fab photos of your camping lovely to enjoy time with gorgeous Sophie and another one coming so soon. I bet you're fit to burst :-)
    I love the tree orchid pretty.
    Have a great week.
    Annie x

  3. What lovely photos Robyn.That I loved the Ginger plants growing in Queensland when we were there several years back. Didn't see the orchids!
    Sophie is a little peach!

  4. Lovely photos of your family. Glad you had a nice time.

    Love the Orchid.

    Hope all goes well with the new baby. Sue

  5. What a lovely post Robyn. Your orchid is beautiful. Reward for that TLC. They are lovely photos of your camping trip. It looks great fun. Sophie certainly had a good time and like most littlies seems to enjoy the muddy puddles. Have a lovely week. Barbxx

  6. Oh what lovely photos - we used to go camping when I was little. Great fun. Those flowers are gorgeous. Take care Zo xx

  7. Great post and a view into another world! So different from our Autumn weather with trees turning rust and gold. Season of mists and mellow fruitfullness! I too need to know what is an esky and an echidna (sounds spider like to me like arachnid)
    Lovely to know there's a little bro or sis for Sophie coming along soon. Look forward to the news.
    Jo x

  8. Awww Lovely lickle one. My friend's little girl loved sushi at Sophie's age too.
    Love that orchid. I have orchids but not like those. Ours live in the kitchen too - not outside.

  9. PS remember I told you my niece was expecting her baby....Little Autumn Rose arrived yesterday!!! Scrapbook layout to follow very soon.

  10. Hi Robyn, my absolute favourite flowers. I grow orchids but have not seen that one before.
    Hope everything goes well with the birth. Have a great weekend, Angela x

  11. Hi Robyn, hope you are fine, how exciting for you to get the 2. grandchild :-)
    I just saw your fabulous crazy bird card. The birds are so funny :-))


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