Friday, 23 October 2015

Friday Smiles

My post today is full of's been a fabulous week.
Firstly miss Sophie got to have her very first sleep over with Nanna, she loved it, just the two of us. I nearly forgot to take a photo,  - here she is perched on her little bed with her two dolls in boxes (of course they had to come with us, also the three teddies) and all ready to go to day care.
Now it's her 2nd birthday on Monday and tomorrow there's a party with a few little friends, so mum and Nanna had a fun day today decorating the cake and biscuits... it's an owl theme party as she loves the children's ABC show - Giggle and Hoot.
These are the milk arrowroot biscuits with their eyes and beaks and we weren't quite sure about "the look"  
 So I took to them with a biscuit cutter and created those little 'ear' shapes and we painted on some wings.  The little offcuts have gone into a box so Sophie can have a few treats for day care.
 We've made up a 'Pin the Beak on the Owl' game and have some owl shapes cut out so the children can colour them and then we with elastic they become party hats.
 Our daughter is also due their second child in 10 days so I bought her a special treat....these gorgeous roses - love the colour.
Now I think we are all ready for a party and then a bit of a rest before the new baby arrives....Nanna is in 'heaven' - can't wait (neither can the mum)
Have a wonderful weekend and hope you have some happy times to share over at Annies blog, cheers

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  1. So much to smile about in your post Robyn. I sure you and little Sophie both enjoyed the sleep over - the first of many eh. What a wonderful job you've done on the cake and biscuits. Any little girls dream for her party. Wishing you all a happy time. Barbxx

  2. I love lots of photos! The owl theme is great (I have never heard of the tv show of course but that doesn't matter). Good idea to use the biscuit cutter and cut of a bit to make the ears. They've turned out brilliantly. The kids will love it!
    But the best bit for me are those roses! I love the color and the fact they are small. I love them. Made my day. Your daughter will be thrilled.
    Have a good week,
    I pray that all goes well with the birth,

  3. Hope you all have a lovely day and happy birthday to Sophie for Monday x

  4. Sophie has grown so big!! Lovely photos and I do hope all goes well with your daughter and baby... How exciting!

  5. So many smiles over at yours today Robyn. I really hope the birthday girl has a great time [this one is having a really busy day lol] and I hope the new arrival arrives safely on time and uneventfully :-)
    Annie x

  6. Ah, Robyn, our Hudson had a giggle and hoot party, when he was two last year and rather think his bickies were arrowroot in bright blue. But do love what your additions did to yours, you'll have to pin them ...
    Better thank lots I've seen.

    How exciting for you with a new little one arriving and I pray it all goes well for darling daughter and precious little one. Shaz in oz.x

  7. Lots of lovely smiley photos today, Robyn. I'm sure little Sophie is going to love her owl birthday cake and that game looks like lots of fun. I can well believe you are excited about the expected new baby as I have just been through the exactly the same wait. I hope all goes well for your daughter and the baby is here safe and well soon. Elizabeth xx

  8. The kids will love the cake and biscuits. Love the pin the tail on the Owl:)

    The roses are a beautiful colour. Hope all goes well with the next grandchild.

    Have a lovely weekend. Sue

  9. Oh no now I'm going to have to go and raid the pantry you've made me hungry with all those goodies.
    Have a lovely weekend
    Lynn 😀

  10. Wow. Fancy little Sophie being two already. That's just the right age to enjoy a new brother or sister. I hope all goes well with delivery. The owl cake is wonderful, and I think the little ones are real cute too. I am sure Sophie had a lovely birthday.
    Kate x

  11. We had an owl themed Birthday party here in april - Very popular. I love your cake and cookies - I am sure Sophie will too. Have a great weekxxx Sojay

  12. Gosh Sophie is growing quick...she looks tall for 2! Love those little owl biscuits. Save one for me!!
    Hugs and happy birthday to Sophie.

  13. Happy Birthday to Sophie, she'll love her super cake.
    Dying to get the news of her new baby bro or sis!
    Hope all goes well,
    Love jo x

  14. Hi Robyn,
    It looks like the sleepover was a huge hit! I bet mum liked having a break for the evening. The owl themed birthday party looks adorable! The owl biscuits came out so cute; love the pink icing.

    Congratulations on the upcoming birth of another little grandchild. How precious!!


  15. Lots of reasons to smile in your post! Am late getting round, but what a great way to start the week! Take care Zo xx


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