Saturday, 9 January 2016

Friday Smiles

Yes it's Saturday and yesterday I totally forgot what day it was and hence I'm late posting to
Share a smile...With both of us not working the days are all the same and then with Christmas and New Year we are totally out of whack... never mind I'm here to share some fun, happy photos of our recent visit to the local water park...the kids have heaps of fun and with the temps in the high 30s it was a lovely event for a picnic lunch. Sophies, step sister is up visiting too so they had lots of fun with Pa.
 Bella, Sophie and Pa
 all of them under the mushroom waterspout. 
Can't leave little Mia out of my smiles this week.
Hope you've had a wonderful Seasonal Break and if you've some happiness to share pop over to Annies blog and join in.  Thanks for taking a peek


  1. It's so lovely to see such hot sunny pics at yours while we are dull cold wet and gloomy here....thanks for sharing your sunshine.
    Annie x

  2. Hi Robyn, Lovely family photos. Looks like a lot of fun.

    Enjoy your day. Sue

  3. Hi Robyn, What lovely happy photos from the water park. It looks as if the littlies had lots of fun with Pa. What a beautiful little baby Mia is and that must be smile of the week. Thanks for your recent visit. Have a lovely week. Barbxx

  4. Hi Robyn, thanks for the visit to mine. Looks like you've all had plenty to smile about. Lovely photos. Have a great weekend, Angela x

  5. My sincere apologies for being so late visiting. It never occurred to me to check the linky after Friday until I saw your lovely comment.

    My friend Kathy and I found a waterpark that was free in her hometown. It had several similar pieces, including mushrooms, spouts, and flowers that shot water from the petals, but NOTHING as exotic as the large water device in the center of the first photo.

    Your photos are wonderful and I enjoyed seeing how your family spent a very hot day while I was freezing in the northern hemisphere. It certainly looked like fun.

    BTW, happy very belated Friday Smiles.

  6. What wonderful photos Robyn. I would love to visit that waterpark. It looks so fun!
    Thanks for your kind words on your visit and email. I really appreciate having such lovely emails and messages from people around the world. Isn't blogger wonderful?


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