Friday, 19 February 2016

Friday Smiles

 Share a smile... Week 158  - Friday Smiles at A Stitch in Time
 Look Look Look - we have frame work up on the house extensions ...
Down the side they've just started to extend out from the existing rooms - two rooms in the area will be increased in size.
 This section out the back is a complete new bedroom, study and ensuite.
We have been up bright and early three mornings this week to paint the exterior cladding - we got and system going with the painting and only worked a few hours in the morning before it got too hot.
Then this afternoon it was so very hot we invited ourselves over to our friends place for a lovely cool off in their pool.
 Here's my favorite pic for the week... little Mia on the floor with their cat Luna...who loves to give kitty cuddles (head rubs) to Mia.
and ... we've been trying to get a few pics of the sisters together to send to the great grandparents - here's a pretty cute one of Sophie and Mia

So this week even though we've had a few 'moments' with the building, overall I'm amazed and pretty happy with the fact that we are actually doing this build.
How has your week been?  please join in at Annies blog and share your happy moments.
Thanks for dropping by and do enjoy your weekend, cheers


  1. Hi Robyn, Well what a lot you have to smile about this week. You're going to have a huge living space when it's all finished. It's great to see it taking shape now. Now here we are shivering and you enjoying your neighbours hospitality. What a life!

    I love the photos of the kiddlies. They really do look sweet little girls and the photo of little Mia and Luna is adorable. I hope you have another wonderful week. Barbxx

  2. Oh's coming on so quickly over there will have new space before you know it. Such an exciting time for you. Plus those gorgeous pics of the girls....what can I say? They sure do warm the heart don't they? 😍
    Annie x

  3. How exciting :) It will be wonderful. Love the poopl pic and the girls are adorable xx

  4. Loving all your photos today and the pool looks gorgeous. It feels quite strange watching you all in that lovely weather when we are in the middle of winter. Have a great weekend, Angela x

  5. Ooo! How exciting! Every week a little bit more house! Your neighbour's pool looks great. I suppose now that you have an extension you won't have room for a pool...
    The girlies are so cute. Love the photo with the cat!
    Have a great week with many smiles,

  6. Hi Robyn, Looks like things are coming along well. Glad you are sensible and don't work when it is too hot. So nice to have that lovely pool to cool down in.

    What a lovely photo of the two girls together and I love the one with the cat.

    You take care and have a nice weekend. Sue

  7. It is coming along nicely Robyn. The dip in the pool looks like a welcome distraction. Lovely photo of Mia and Sophie, but the one with the cat is gorgeous. Kate x

  8. Great progress on the house Robyn...awesome! Love the photos of the girls and Luna..all so cute. Have a great weekend..hope it's not too hot, Vikki x

  9. Oh we are starting to get an idea of sizes now this week. Well done.
    Gorgeous photos of the littlies.

  10. Looks like your building project will be a wonderful addition. I loved see the adorable pictures of the little ones. We have had some warm temps here in southern California, too. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, Pat

  11. Hi Robyn,
    The girls are adorable. Love the head rub with Mia.
    Your building project looks like it's huge!!

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