Friday, 19 August 2016

Friday Smiles

Share a smile... Week 183 Friday Smiles....oh it has been a happy week here, the only down thing I can think of is the number on the bathroom's just right to eat all those yummy things while you have visitors - Right!!

 I loved having mum here for three weeks, she flew home yesterday -  so it was one last breakfast on the front deck.
Little Mia isn't 10 months till the end of this month.....I think mum and dad are going to have their hands full...

She was walking yesterday holding onto just one hand and just about got her balance to stand alone.
 Here we all are - "The Girls" --- how hard is it to get a photo with everyone looking - even the adults
And our two gorgeous girls
See why I'm smiling....
Have a wonderful weekend and please pop over to Annies blog and check out the other smiles and maybe join in and add your little bit of happiness.  Cheers


  1. Hi Robyn, It would have been rude not to eat up all the scrummy food whilst your mum was there:)

    How far away does your mum live? Can you visit her?

    Mia is obviously going to be a climber...Everest here we come:)

    That's a lovely photo of all the girls together. The last photo is lovely. Those girls are going to break a few hearts.

    Hope you have a fab Friday. Sue

    1. Hi Sue, it was lovely for mum to visit as she is 85 and lives 2400 kms south where they have winters not like us here in the tropics, so it an escape to some warmth for her. Over 27 hour drive, so we don't see each other often and so nice for her to spend time with the littlies. We did over indulge just a bit...desserts and morning and afternoon tea which I don't do normally, so it's back to fighting with the weight. Have a fab weekend cheers Robyn

  2. Oh what a lovely pic of all the girls together. I can see little Mia is going to be copying her sister and reaching all the milestones early like our second's certainly challenging but so lovely. Enjoy every minute cos she won't be young for long. Thanks for joining in the fun.
    Annie x

  3. Hi Robyn, it's lovely to see photos of your family and you all look very happy too. You certainly had to make the most of your Mum's visit. Having breakfast outside looks wonderful. Little Mia certainly looks as if she'll soon be up and away. Thanks for sharing you smiles. Enjoy your weekend. Barbxx

  4. A beautiful picture of you two little girls. Mia certainly is a climber. One of my sons was walking (running) at 10 months old and it was hard work because he had no sense of fear or danger, and there was no stopping him! It is sad when our visitors have to go home, but I am glad you enjoyed your mum's visit. Kate x

  5. Hi Robyn, pleased your mum has had a good time. That is a very long drive for her to get home. This set me thinking how far could we get in 27hrs? and I reckon we could probably get to the South of France and then back to Lincoln not including necessary stops or delays! on the way. You live in one very big country Robyn! Have a great week, Angela x

  6. super pictures and memories for you as well, hope your Mum had a good journey home

  7. How fab to be spending time with your mum! A few extra pound is utterly worth it!
    Little Mia looks like a real handful, as she should at that age. I'm going to visit my grandson next week. He is 20 months, walking and into everything.
    I just read how far away your mum lives.... did she drive? or fly? 27 hours of driving is a lot. It would take a week or more!
    Thank you for your kind comments.
    Have a fab week (even though there will be a bit of sadness when your mum's gone and you have to be a bit more strict on the meal front)
    Wishing you lots of smiles,


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