Saturday, 24 September 2016

Friday Smiles

Hi and welcome to my happy week ... following on from my Chicken episode, those girls are now definitely free range... we may need to clip their wings or put up a 2 meter fence but until then they continue to visit the neighbours (who all assure us it is fine) and come home when they're ready.
Also this week we've had a few visits from the grand daughters and Thursday we walked up to the local playground - on the way we showed Sophie the Bower Bird nest - so I took some photos thinking you may be interested. .... 
 The male builds the tunnel nest with sticks and then decorates the entries
This one has a fancy for mostly red to add to the white objects
  and silver
even a red chilli
Very very interesting and Nanny is giving Sophie nature lessons - she seems interested and knows the names of 5 or 6 different birds.
Now if you've some happy moments or pics or just a joke, pop over to Annies blog and join in.  In the meantime have a wonderful week Cheers


  1. Hi Robyn, Hope the female Bower Bird was impressed:)

    Hope you have a lovely day. Sue

  2. Hi Robyn. Thanks for sharing the bird I've got to look up the Bower bird to see what clever birds does all that.
    Annie x

  3. Me too Annie, not a bird I know so will be having a look to see what it's like but he obviously likes bringing his wife nice gifts Lol!
    Have a great weekend and happy crafty week. Angela x

  4. How interesting! I immediately went into Google to look up Bower bird as I had never heard of it. I now remember a documentary I saw on tv years ago with David Attenborough that showed a bower bird attracting a female by constructing a fancy nest with coloured objects. Amazing!
    Sorry for the late comment. I've been busy yesterday preparing for Tracey's birthday party. (we had a belated birthday party for her last night which was a great success).
    Thanks for your kind comments,
    Have a great weekend,


Thank you for taking the time to comment, all encouragement and inspiration is very welcome. May your day be a happy and extra special one, cheers Robyn