Friday, 14 October 2016

Friday Smiles

This week seems to have just rushed by in a blur and I don't seem to have done anything significant...
On my Nanny Day Care day with the girls I snapped this pic of Mia...she sees us reading with Sophie and already has her own favourites
I just remembered my tree orchid is also in flower - the softest mauve colour and ran outside ...
I just managed to take the orchid photo and then the sun slipped behind these stormy looking clouds....
well we could rain here, but we sure need it
But I did find these funnies on FB

So I guess, I do have plenty to smile about this week - sure hope you have too - so pop over to Annies blog and join in the sharing.  Have a fabulous weekend cheers


  1. Thanks for linking your smiles Robyn. They sure made me smile. Your little one looks such a happy bunny....just how they should be at that age. Your tree orchid is stunning....I wish we could grow then over here.
    Have a great week.
    Annie x

  2. Great Friday funnies Robyn. What a lovely photo of Mia. She is growing up so quickly and looks such a happy little girl. Have a lovely weekend. Barbxx

  3. What great smiles on your blog today Robyn! Mia looks a gorgeously content little girl and the tree orchid is stunning! I had never seen one. Lucky you.
    Our sky looks like that too at the moment and we have had some much needed rain overnight.
    Your funnies are great. Both of them are very funny! Thanks.
    Have a good weekend,
    Hugs (and smiles),

  4. Ha ha - I love the funnies! Fab photos too Robyn. x jo

  5. Hi Robyn, as you can guess I am so jealous of those gorgeous Orchids. You are so lucky to be able to grow those and the colours are beautiful. Lovely photo of Mia she is a real sweetie. Have a great weekend, Angela xXx

  6. Hi Robyn, I did chuckle at the knickers and brooms:)

    What a beautiful tree Orchid.

    Lovely photo of Mia with her reading book.

    Hope you have a nice weekend. Sue

  7. Lots in your post made me smile today. Of course little Mia did, and that tree orchid is beautiful. The sky looks a bit like ours, but ours did manage to spill a little rain, though never enough. Loved all your funnies too. have a good week. Kate x

  8. A wonderfully cheerful posting for me to read on a wet Sunday morning here in Whitworth
    Lynn xx

  9. Those smiley jokes are superb but i think the smile on the face of Mia had me grinning the most. What a delightful little one! And what a gorgeous tree orchid - so glad you got to take a photograph to share with us.
    Hugs, Neet 7 xx


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