Saturday, 29 October 2016

Friday Smiles

So it's been one crazy busy week keep - but all full of good fun and lots of smiles.
As you may know it was Sophies 3rd Birthday on Wednesday, so there was a family dinner with cake to celebrate ...

and here are the doll cots I was working on last week 
 complete with mattress, pillow, sheet set and blanket.
And of course with the leftover material I made nappy bags
 Then Thursday they visited Nannys house and found these waiting for them.... but silly Nanny left the SD card out of the camera and only now realised I have no pics to share.
Of course Sophie loved hers, Mia is a bit a little but she copies everything her big sister does...
Afterwards we took them to the waterpark, it's just been refurbished and the girls had a lovely time. 
Well I'm late again but best get moving as the double party is on this morning - so I'm making sure the camera is all set up... ha ha dumb Nan.
Hope you've all had a wonderful week with plenty to smile about - as we know life is too short to not be happy.... join in and share over at Annie's blog .... and have a fabulous weekend .... whoopie - 13 little kids at the Minnie Mouse party and maybe a pic or two next week 


  1. You know how to make a fellow Nanny smile....I really love the cots. What a fab design. I can imagine so many happy hours spent with those. Thank you for linking up and sharing your smiles Robyn.
    Annie x

  2. What an awesome Nan you are Robyn..loving those cots! I can't believe Sophie is 3 already...she was such a tiny baby when I last saw her in person.

  3. Hi Robyn, Those two little girls are such cuties. They'll have hours of fun with the cots. Sue

  4. Hi Robyn, looks like everyone's been having fun this week. Those little cots are gorgeous. Hope next week is just as good. Angela xXx


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