Saturday, 12 November 2016

Friday Smiles

Share a smile... WEEK 195 FRIDAY SMILES
Another early Saturday morning post for me to share my photos on Annies blog of what's bought a smile to my face this week....
Well actually these are from last week and so much has been happening here that I forgot the girls birthday party. So here are the sisters now three and one in their party outfits
 They had a face painting lady attend the party so of course Sophie had a Minnie Mouse face
 And here is her Minnie Mouse Cake
 And Mia's Minnie Mouse cupcake tree
She missed the candling blowing out bit having gone off for a nap,
but next day at the park she had her cupcake - no dainty nibbles just push it in...
Now there's a story to all that chocolate icing
I was helping with the party preparations the day before and recall telling Jacalyn earlier in the week about making icing when we iced Sophies first cake....
You know how it goes....just add a little bit of milk to the icing mix at a time
Well Jacalyn's reading the recipe from the back of the cake mix pack and we were making a double batch.... so she doubled the milk 300ml and we're on a roll....
lucky I stopped her at about 150ml
 and of course we ended up with runnnnnnny icing
so much runnnnnnny icing
I emptied out a load of the mix into the yellow bowl 
and then we added 3/4 of that pack of icing mix,
iced the cupcakes and more and there was still this bowlful left over
Do you think we've learnt a lesson??
Now to get organised as I'm going over to friend Vikki's for a stamping session today.
Have some happiness to share, pop over to Annie's - A Stitch In Time blog and join in.
Have a wonderful week, cheers


  1. Well Robyn you are just what the Dr ordered. Those gorgeous photos really made me chuckle esp the one enjoying her cup cake. As to the icing tale I actually laughed out reminded me of the magic porridge pot story....think that just kept growing too hehehe.
    Annie x

  2. Gorgeous photos of the little ones, Robyn. Sophia makes a lovely Minnie Mouse and the pic of Mia ramming the cake into her mouth is just delightful :) The story of the icing made me smile too - reminded me of many a cooking blunder! Have a great weekend. Elizabeth xx

  3. Love the photos. Little Mia is a lady after my own heart! If you've got chocolate you need to get it all in there as quickly as possible before someone tries to pinch it Lol! I'm sure you will find some use for the left over chocolate icing, just make more cake! Happy weekend, Angela x

  4. Looks like the girls had fun. Did chuckle at the icing mix up. Sue

  5. Two happy little birthday girls. I did laugh at the chocolate icing fun. I can so see that happening in my kitchen too. Have a fun week. Kate x

  6. That birthday cake is delightful as are your little ones. They look so cute in their outfits
    Hope you are having a good week
    Lynn x


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