Friday 25 November 2016

Friday Smiles

Well I've had a relaxing day today - our daughter has the day off (she's a nurse), so she shouted both hubby and me to the movies... saw Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them.... great movie. Then we came home, had lunch and played scrabble till it was time for her to pick up the girls from day care. 
I found a couple of pics on facebook to share.... I thought this one pretty cool for us Aussies. My sister lives rural and feeds the parrots just like this, not sure she could get this close to take a photo.
 This one I thought was worth a chuckle... as we're still decluttering after the renos and move back into the house.
 And lastly my photo of Watson, snoozing on top of the single bed mattress resting on our bedroom wall,  that the girls use when they sleep here
It's been another hot week here and no rain but I'm happy because we do have air conditioning now and I can craft away all day in my cool room.  Have you had a happy week, with plenty to smile about, why not pop over to Annie's blog and share. Have and wonderful weekend, cheers


  1. Aw love the Christmas Wreath, how amazing all that colours, we have both lorikeets and rosellas here, but not that many of rosellas, miles of lorikeets!!
    Chuckled over the Japanese method Robyn, and glad you've aircon.
    Happy Smiles Day 😄
    Shaz in Oz.x

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  2. The Christmas wreath is stunning. What beautiful birds. We did a lot of decluttering when we came to our bungalow....really love that method hehehe.
    Annie x

  3. That 'wreath' is stunning! Thank you for sharing that! Amazing colours!
    Your Japanese decluttering method brought a smile to my face. I could think of a few things myself...
    I'm so pleased you have aircon. It certainly is a luxury. Even if we could afford to install it, we probably would struggle to run it as this is a hot country too. So lucky you!
    Cats do sleep in the most unlikely places and often in the most uncomfortable positions, don't you think?
    Keep smiling!,

  4. Absolutely fabulous pic of the birds Christmas wreath. It's wonderful! Love the mess advice and Watson's high life. Elementary my dear!
    thanks so much for visiting and for your message.
    Jo x

  5. I so adore parrots and very much miss mine (Morris the Cockatiel and all the lovebirds)so it's nice to see such a gorgeous photo. What characters they are too. I'm not saying anything about the decluttering other than that I need to do it Lol! Your cat well they just make me smile all the time. Have a great Friday and a lovely weekend with lots of smiles, Angela xXx

  6. Hi Robyn, I love the birds and that quote is so true:)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend. Sue

  7. Hi Robyn, lovely post. The bird wreath is wonderfu. We never see birds feeding like that here - they squabble too much. Enjoyed the funny too. Isn't wonderful how a cat can find somewhere comfy no matter what - Watson looks very happy there. Have a great weekend. Elizabeth xx

  8. The birds are wonderful. I would love to have such colourful beauties near me.
    I laughed at the de-cluttering. I don't think I'd find too much that I could part with.
    love the cat picture. They are the best animals at finding a place to get comfy in. Kate x


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