Saturday, 17 December 2016

Friday Smiles

 Share a smile... WEEK 199, FRIDAY SMILES
 ...this week has flown by so fast - I've missed Friday altogether but I'm sure I had plenty to smile about.... for instance this little table and chairs set hubby has made for our gorgeous grand daughters for Christmas.  I made sure we saved all the offcuts of our tongue and groove flooring when the renos were happening and they have been put to good use so far. He even cut hearts in the chair backs and I got some chipboard letters for their names....I know they'll be rapt to have their own setting at our place.
Next thing I remember mostly about this week is that had us jumping for joy.... it has rained, yippee!!! see the green grass above, it wasn't much rain but at least it didn't pass around again but it did freshen up our weary gardens.  Here's a pic of my pink frangipani that has just come into bloom, first time...there are so many lovely colours but only the white spreads it's fragrance around the garden.
So now all there is to do - is check off our list and make sure all the presents and food is organised - I don't want to go shopping this week, there'll be no car parks.
So if you've some smiles or a funny joke to share please pop over to Annie's blog - A stitch in time and join in the fun.  Have a wonderful week, cheers


  1. Hi Robyn, Your granddaughters will be thrilled with the little tables and chairs.

    Glad the rain revitalised your garden. That flower is beautiful.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend. Sue

  2. Hi Robyn, gorgeous little table and chairs someone is going to love those. The weather in the UK today is sunny and bright though we did have some fog earlier. You mentioned the Medieval buildings I had on my post . We believe there has been a church or chapel on the site since the 13th Century but the one that is there now is probably 16th Century. The Manor or Hall as it's now known was originally built in 1574 and demolished in 1812 and rebuilt in 1875. There is evidence that people lived in this area from the 1st Century, Romans and then Anglo Saxons. Hope you enjoyed that short history. Have a great weekend, Angela x

  3. The table and chairs is simply adorable and your grandies will love using them. You'll have to get them a little teaset and make a tablecloth and cushions too.
    The frangipani is beautiful. I've never seen one before but my DH's Aunt told us that she had them in her garden in Perth. I vaguely remember her saying that they are beautiful but deadly poisonous, is this true?
    Thanks so much for popping over to my blog. Annie is n't posting this week as she's has been on a little family holiday.
    Jo x

  4. WOW! The table and chairs are beautiful, what a talented man you have there. I am sure the children will be thrilled to bits.
    Love the frangipani, what a beautiful colour it is but what a shame it has no scent of its own. Still we can't have everything.
    Hugs, Neet 7 xx


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