Sunday, 21 June 2020

CCC Game #4 - Favourite card received

Well Game 4 is definitely unplayable.... I couldn't pick a favourite card that a CCC friend has sent me over the years.... I have them all in a box up in the cupboard... but I do still have a few on hand that I could take a photo of.... Do you see your own card in my photo below???

I have selected three that I really like
Left - from Betty in July 2019 because I'm a lover of flowers and watercolouring
Middle - from Arlene in May 2020 - made it safely and I'm loving this little bag card with flower
Right - from Hilary in May 2019 because this is a lovely CAS card and love that gorgeous die cut corner

We're having lots of fun this month over at The Card Chain Challenge where everyone is celebrating 3000 cards sent around the world - come on over and check it out.. here
A big thank you everyone who has loving made me a card over the years and sent it all the way to sunny Queensland in Australia.

I have an old frame in my craft room to display some of my cards, others are strung up or on shelves as I love to look at them and appreciate that people have taken the time to send me a card.

Thanks for stopping by my blog  ---  have a Happy Day and stay safe


  1. What a beautiful selection of cards Robyn - it's always special to receive an handmade card.
    Stay safe

  2. What a great selection of cards Robyn and yes, I can see my card!
    Kath x

  3. Wise Robyn. You are so right. Of course this one is impossible, because they are all so special. Your collection is gorgeous, and the three you picked out are fabulous. Thanks for playing along and for being a link in the chain. HUGZ

  4. I keep all my CCC cards too! What a lovely post, Robyn. Thanks so much for being such a special link in this chain, Jo x

  5. Robyn, I am so honoured that you picked my card as one of your favourites from that pile of really gorgeous cards, thank you. And what a good idea to arrange them in one photo, I think I might do that with mine, I keep them too as I have been wondering how to go about taking part in game 4, just a difficult ask xx

  6. Loads of beautiful cards, Robyn, and yes - I see the one I sent you, thanks! Loved the three you picked special - all beauties!!

  7. Great idea, Robyn. I can see one of the cards I sent you in the picture. It was also hard for me to pick one, so I added a few in my blog. All the cards are special, because they were made to be sent. And they are like a gift every month.XX

  8. WOW! So many beautiful cards!
    Take care - Be safe
    Hugs from your new follower from N-Norway


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