Sunday, 6 July 2014

Our Beautiful World

The Our Beautiful World 
 continue for the second week. 
Our photo prompt this week is to include the number 1 or the word ONE in your photo

I have made this card in a box to display my number 1
 And to follow along with my baby photo of last is a snapshot of me with my first birthday cake - I suppose the photo was taken outside as the old Brownie camera didn't have a flash. I don't remember it but I bet that was a yummy chocolate cake. Following are a couple of birthday cards from the 1950s - cute (these are not actually mine, but I do have very similar ones stored at home)

The blog hop continues for the second week so if your haven't played along and left a comment for each of the team please do as there are prizes from some of the team ...
Kirsty - Hand made little things
Ros - Mikeys Mum 
Milagros - Paper boutique scrapbooking studio 
Manuela - Elasdistrict
Robyn - Waterlily Cards .. you are here 
Our Beautiful World blog
Thanks for joining in the photo sharing to celebrate the first year of Our Beautiful World  blogging.
Cheers and have a great week Robyn


  1. I love your number 1 card in a box Robyn...very clever!

  2. Hi Robyn, wow, what a fantastic card box, I have seen this several times but i havent try it yet! It looks gorgeous!!
    Also a cute photo from you and the cake :-))
    The cards are wonderful mementos!
    Have a good day, Manuela

  3. Great photos Robyn ... I so remember those cards!! Love your box card ... really terrific!

  4. Great photos Robyn ... I so remember those cards!! Love your box card ... really terrific!

  5. Oh my goodness, Robyn, you were adorable at 1. That pop up box is not nearly as adorable, but it gives you a good run for your money! Thanks so much for having the blog hop!

  6. I love your exploding card and that is such a cute photo of you and your first birthday cake. I think your Mum would have been rushing in to save it as it looks like you were about to pull it off the chair!


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