Friday, 15 August 2014

Friday Smiles - week 82

Share a smile...Hello Friday Smilers....from wet, windy Queensland....YIPPEEE!!! So I'm smiling and happy today because it is raining, not heavy but wet and cold like winter....but mostly I'm pleased because not only is it raining on the coast but inland across the east coast where they've been in drought for years  - our place in Yeppoon just now at 5pm.
News headlines
It is raining on parched communities in Queensland's outback, some of which have not seen a drop in half a year. 
National Radar imageAbout 27 millimetres fell in Windorah in the 24 hours to 9:00am (AEST), 19mm on Thargomindah and 8mm on Longreach, but farmers say more is needed to green their grass.

Qld drought-declaredThey need so much more.  We live at the very bottom of the light grey area on the coast.
I did have a wonderful time visiting the kids and celebrating Ryans birthday - he's my baby at 27. The cake - well his sister and I had some fun and made him a Settlers of Catan cake (it's a board game we play)
Why not join in a 'spread the good times' -over at Annies blog and in the meantime, hugs and happy smiles Robyn


  1. Nothing like deep, steady soaking rain.I'm a rain girl myself (SA had 10 years of drought a few years back), so I can share your joy. We keep hearing of the Dry in Queensland from "Macca" on Sunday mornings when people ring in.The sweet smell of rain is heavenly.
    Baby Ryan- 27!! Gosh!!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  2. About five years ago, I had a friend who I corresponded with who told me about the drought and how severe it was. She even sent photos of the parched and cracked earth, where nothing grew. I hope this helps ease the drought just a bit, because I know how severe it is.

    Sounds like your "baby" had a great birthday. So glad you shared a photo of his special day.

  3. If I knew a way of sending over some soft Welsh rain over to you, I would gladly. Though to be honest it has been keeping at bay over here this summer...maybe that is what you have there.
    Lovely photo of your baby. Birthday wishes to him.

  4. Hi Robyn,

    So glad you are getting some rain. A nice drizzle will definitely be better than inches at a time! New Mexico has been in drought conditions for years so I know what that can do to a landscape. Enjoy your rainy days!


  5. I've just said to Kate P I'll parcel up some of our rain and post it over... I shall have to do the same for you! It's a shame we can't actually do that, might solve a few problems.
    Fantastic cake :)

  6. I'm glad your drought has broken too. The folk around here mostly rely on the land to feed their family and also to earn a living, so the rain is essential and there just hasn't been enough this year.
    I have a 'baby' who is twenty-seven too. They may be all grown up now, but they'll always be our babies! Kate x


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