Friday, 28 November 2014

Friday Smiles

It's Week 95 at Annies Friday Smiles blog....join in and share your happy moments for the week.
A few things that I'm happy about this week...firstly look what is flowering in my pot plant garden, my Blood lily (Scadoxus) with a second bud as well...the flower head is about 5 inches in diameter and quite heavy for the stem.
Secondly I posted my overseas cards today..YEAH!!!!
I also finished Sophies Christmas dresses and posted them off too (sorry no finished photo, I forgot)
And Monday I went along to the local Quilting shop and joined in a social morning....principally to get some assistance to finish of a Log Cabin quilt I made 25, yes 25 years watch this space to see the progress...I cut the borders this week and will sew them on this weekend.
Spotted this on FB and got a chuckle from me....I' looking at the ABM and wondering what he's thinking...
This sign we spotted out side a big general store in Bali, at an eating place.
"HUSBAND DAY CARE CENTER - Need time to Yourself?  Want to go shopping? Leave you husband with us!  We look after him for you. You only pay for his food and drinks
Hope  you've had a happy week, life is too short not to make the most of it.....
Cheers and here's to a great weekend - Robyn
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  1. Hi Robyn. That flower is stunning so I can see why you're smiling. Our two little dogs carry a stick between them when playing so that one really made me chuckle and I think we could all make use of a Husband day centre but I think they really should pay for their own food and drink....more money for us to do the shopping with that way :-)
    Annie x

  2. Wow Beautiful flower. The colour is wonderful. Love the two dogs too.
    I wonder if the Day Centre has a branch in Hereford?
    Hugs and Happy Friday.

  3. Hi Robin, the lily is lovely. I suspect it wouldn't grow outdoors here in Scotland though. Had a chuckle at the dog joke and the husband day centre ... I've seen this sign here in Ayr town centre but it's in front of a pub!!! Hugs, Elizabeth xx

  4. Hi Robyn. The flower is beautiful. How long do the blooms last?
    Love the dogs and the stick.
    Great marketing at the bar!!!

  5. How fun that you have a place where you can get help with sewing your quilt. That must be worth the time and effort.

    Loved the two dogs. That was cute, but the real funny was sign found in Bali. Great advertising, too.

    Glad for you that Sophie's dresses are now on their way to her. You are a REAL seamstress!

    Sorry I'm late getting here. Just said good-bye to my Thanksgiving company. Have a great weekend.

  6. Lol, this is so funny, now I have to chuckle. The manager and his assistant brand carrier, lol. Your bloom looks so beautiful. And I'm looking forward to see your quilt finished. Wishing you joy with the finishing touches! Hugs


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