Friday, 19 June 2015

Friday Smiles

Share a smile... Hello dear overseas friends, it's week 124 of Annies, Friday Smiles...want to know what has had others being thankful and happy this week, then pop over to Annies Blog and check it out - join in too, it'll make your day.
This week after returning from a 4 week absence it was nice to see that my pot plants were still thriving.  My Zygote was even in flower.
 And this is one of my Bromeliads - what an unusual colour combo for a flower - this one is a bit bent but that just made it easy to see the dew drops.
And my pots of Bedding Begonias are starting with new growth and flowers.  Next to them are some pots where I've planted up some bulbs I bought back from Townsville, I hate to throw them away, so even the tiny ones are in there. None of these are very good pics because I still don't have my good camera back...waiting, waiting.

And at last I found a joke to share....notice she says it all with a smile on her face.....
Have a wonderful weekend, hugs to you all


  1. Hi Robyn....I am sat here chuckling now. :-) Love that joke....and how true it is too :-)
    You really do have some fab flowers....don't see them here so thanks for sharing them with us.
    Annie x

  2. Love the pretty flowers....and that man would have been in the box before he got to make his speech. Have a great weekend.

  3. Ooooo! I have a Zygote but never knew what it was called!! Only ours are inside, except when I sometimes let them go out for a breather in the warm summer weather!
    Very good funny!!

  4. I'm not playing this Friday, but got a good laugh from that joke. Loved it.

    Of course, I fell in love with those flowers, too. At one time I had a Bromeliad, but sadly, it died one summer when I put it out too early. They need warmth, obviously. You must have had someone taking care of those plants because they are growing like weeds.

    Hope you get your camera back soon. At least you found it, and that's important. Now having it in your hands will be something to REALLY smile about.

  5. Hi Robyn, thanks for the joke! It made me smile! What beauuutiful flowers! I don't think we have any of that here in the Philippines! Have a great weekend! patsy

  6. I´ve seen the joke before but I still love it! Your flowers are beautiful. That second one is certainly very strange, but the colours are so pretty. It seems odd to find such exotic creatures growing alongside begonias which were very common in UK. Kate x


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