Friday, 24 July 2015

Friday Smiles

 Share a smile...  Week 129
Hi and how is everyone this week, I've just realized it's Friday, Stephen's been away all week so no coming and going to work to remind me, I'm happy he's home tomorrow - then not happy too as he's having dinner in Townsville with our kids tonight :-(  and I'm missing out. But only 5 weeks and we'll be on the move. SO  this week I've been packing more boxes and sorting more bits in my craft room - no rush, I make deals with myself - 'pack a box or two' and I get to make cards...that keeps me happy.
Following are a couple of photos of our back yard - can you see the "fairy" ring....Stephen pointed it out to me after he mowed the even had mushrooms growing in the dark green ring area...I've no idea what's going on...maybe there is fairies.

Now do you have a smile or something funny to share this week, why not join in over at Annies blog and check out what other bloggers up smiling about.  Thanks for popping in Cheers


  1. I'm smiling at your fairy ring can you please take some photos with the fairies playing there :-) I'm sure the grandees would love to see them [yours and mine].
    Annie x

  2. Dad had Fairy rings in his front grass. They are a devil to get rid of, if you want to get rid of them.

    Hope you have a nice evening. Sue

  3. Love the idea of Fairy Rings! I didn't realise you were moving Robyn. X

  4. I used to have a fairy ring in my garden in UK. I haven´t seen one in ages. I hope the fairies come to play before you move out. Kate x

  5. Ooooo you are lucky to have a fairy ring in your garden. There used to be one in the forestry nearby but it has become overgrown now.

  6. That cool...I've never heard of a fairy ring but it sounds exciting.

  7. I like to think the fairies are looking after your garden :)


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