Saturday, 11 July 2015

Our Beautiful World

Week 104 - Pathways
Do you have pathways at home to your clothes's mine
On a more serious note this pathway at the Perth Kings Park Botanical Garden
is lined with trees with markers in memory of soldiers who lost their lives serving for Australia.

 Thanks for taking a peek


  1. Beautiful photos and no I don't have a pathway to my clothes line ... It's all flagged there! Thanks so much for sharing at OBW!!

  2. no I don't either, but we did when I was a child and your's reminded me of this... a lovely memory!
    What a wonderfully peaceful serene place for soldiers memories. Thanks for sharin with Our Beautiful World!

  3. I have a path that goes under my clothesline - does that count? Thanks for sharing the pathway of memorials. Such a nice and serene way to honor those soldiers.

  4. My clothesline is over the only pathway I have in my postage stamp garden :>)

  5. Hi Robyn, thats a wonderful pathway and good to remember and honor all the soldiers. They died so young!
    I don't have a clothesline in our garden, but great to have an special pathway for it :-)


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