Friday, 25 September 2015

Friday Smiles

Hello everyone hope you've had a wonderful week and have some happy things to share over at Annies blog with Friday Smiles
We were only to happy to have Sophie over for the afternoon yesterday and after a nap and some time on the swing, it was time to blow some she is with Pa - they had so much fun with the breeze carrying the bubbles all over the back yard. Sophie learnt quick which end of the plastic blower to put in her mouth.
 Real concentration here as we urged her to blow softly...
 And a lovely surprise to find my Amaryllis have buds... this white one opened first and I see others so next week I may have more.
Last night out the back of the craftavan I  noticed the sunset.... a lovey orange glow in the sky.
This was on fb...Pics to irritate the perfectionist!!!!
Enjoy your weekend and hope there's plenty for you to be happy about over the next week, Cheers

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  1. All little ones love bubbles don't they? We've spent many happy hours with just a few bubbles 😀 I love your amaryllis....such stunning blooms. And yes I'm one of those that gets irritated by things like the ones in the last pic lol.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Annie x

  2. Lots of happiness on your post Robyn
    Have a great weekend
    Lynn x

  3. Wonderful fun photos. And yes a smile on all your fun features, sunset beautiful, lovely flower, great chocolate, yummy desert, and most of all grands with their special grand child and bubbles. Thanks for sharing Have a fun weekend

  4. Love the pics of Sophie, she is so sweet. I love bubbles too and have lots of different types of bubble blowing things. I love the long wands that make giant ones.
    Gorgeous sky, makes me feel so relaxed.
    Jo x

  5. Hi Robyn, What a cutie your granddaughter is.

    My mum always had an Amaryllis for Christmas. Your is lovely.

    Lovely sunset.

    Hope you are having a fab Friday. Sue

  6. Sophie is so gorgeous!! Wonderful photos my friend ... I hope all is well with you ...

  7. Your granddaughter is gorgeous Robyn. I love children with bubbles :-) Amaryllis very pretty. Anne x

  8. Do you know, I still love blowing bubbles. I spent many happy hours when my own lads were little, blowing bubbles and watching the baby trying to find the popped ones!
    Beautiful amarylis. I am not expecting flowers on mine until the spring, though when we lived in Uk we gave and received them as Christmas gifts and they were soon in flower. They had to be house plants there, but here they grow in the garden, as I suspect your do too. Kate x

  9. Bless her. She is so sweet! Blowing bubbles.
    I love amarylises! I once got a double one as a present. It flowered spectacularly.
    The Kitkat and the cake make my mouth water. I'm also impressed by the template you have used on your cake. Never seen that before. Very handy to cut equal pieces.
    Have a good week,

  10. Sophie certainly looks as though she is having fun but so does her granddad. Love blowing bubbles too :) It will soon be time for us to plant up Amaryllis again in the hope that they will be in bloom for Christmas, And your sunset is so beautiful - a lovely shot. Chuckled at the last two pics ... I'm one of those sad perfectionists who would have to cut the cake on the lines and break the chocolate into fingers :) Elizabeth xx

  11. Laughed at your image to annoy the perfectionist!! They need to photograph my craft room!!
    How cute is Sophie special indeed. TFS.
    Shaz in Oz.x

    {Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

  12. Oh Robyn, I wondered what is the difference between Amaryllis and Hippieastrums?l. They seem very similar time, have Hippieastrums but they are only in bud here as we are further south,
    Reading up on it confused me.. As the article said there are few true amaryllis most are Hippieastrums ...
    As said confused. Will research more whe time permits :)


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