Friday, 6 November 2015

Friday Smiles

Week 144 at Annie's Friday Smiles
I saw this cartoon on FB today, a friend in Scotland posted I borrowed it because it of course I'm so stoked about Mia Jayne being home and settling in with big sister Sophie.
Other than that I'm smiling because I've been wanting a sink with a drainage board for ages as I don't want/have a dishwasher... and Wednesday hubby and I went shopping and bought a new stove top, oven AND sink.   Who would think a kitchen sink could have someone so happy???
Have you had a wonderful week and have something to share that has made you smile? - then pop over to Annies blog and join in.  Cheers

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  1. Trust me when I say i can feel your joy at having a new sink :-) My kitchen is still an empty shell but the builders are fitting the now French windows/doors as I type and I can't stop grinning :-) Thanks for linking up and sharing your smiles today.
    Hope you have a great week.
    Annie x

  2. It's funny isn't it the older we get the most normal things make us smile. I guess we appreciate things more. Love the pic of your grandaughter. I'm technically old enough to be a grandmother (my son is 17) but I kind of hope he waits a few years yet to grant me that status!! Take care Zo x

  3. Haha! Three cheers for grandmas!
    Oh yes! I can empathize with the excitement over a sink! I too don't want/have a dish washer (there are only two of us, and we are retired so we don't need one anymore) but I do have a double sink, one for washing and one to rinse (I am a bit fanatic about rinsing my plate as I don't want traces of chemical detergent on things I eat from). I hope that doesn't sound too over the top, but that's how it is....
    So congratulations on your new sink.
    But my biggest smile was for that little bundle of joy sleeping on the duvet. Gorgeous!
    Happy Friday,

  4. A new sink, how exciting. Who would have thought we could all get so excited about it but I fully understand as I have had one too not so long ago myself.
    Take care, Angela x

  5. Awwwwww! To Mia not the sink!! Though tbh I would like a new sink as mine is getting on a bit. I fancy one of the old fashioned butler sinks but they go for lots of money nowadays!!
    Happy Friday.

  6. Hi Robyn,

    Cute cartoon! Happy Grandmother's Day. Mia is adorable and so glad that she and big sister are doing fine. That can be a trying time for some.

    I understand your excitement over a new sink with a drainage part. I remember the last time I got a new vacuum - I was beside myself!!

    Happy Friday and have a great weekend.


  7. Hi Robyn, I can imagine your face aches from smiling about your beautiful new granddaughter.

    Like the sink. I wish I had the double sink bit.

    Hope you've had a good day. Sue

  8. I love the granny cartoon too. A sink like that would make me happy too! I do have a dishwasher, and I wouldn't be without it, but I only have a tiny kitchen sink, and no room for a proper draining board, just a removable one. Lucky you to have a sink, oven and hob all on one go. Enjoy using them.
    Mia is gorgeous of course!! Kate xx

  9. Mia is beautiful and certainly cause for lots of smiles. Yes I can relate to smiling re new sink etc :-) x

  10. I'd be excited by a sink and stove too!! How sad is that! Lol! Mia is gorgeous ... I so want a hold!


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