Friday, 29 January 2016

Friday Smiles I'm back to share my happy happenings for this week...
As you might know we are renovating... here are a few of the 21 holes they've dug early in the week
And yesterday we had the concrete poured and the steel bases embedded in ready for the uprights. We can get a feel for the size of the rooms now.
 What a lovely surprise on Monday when I was watering the garden (hand watering as we are on water restrictions) - my Bromeliads are in flower again,
and Mia is 3 months old today
Join in and share your smiles - pop over to Annies blog now.
Have a wonderful weekend, cheers


  1. Hi Robyn. I'm excited for you with the building work but also very interested to see how differently the structure goes together....please keep posting pics of the progress 😀 That's a gorgeous flower but it's outshone by little Mia of course 😀
    Annie x

  2. ahhh, Robyn, how utterly wodnerful to be having progress like that .. well done.

    And yes love you Brom, too they are wonderful!!

    .. and your very cute fluffy op Mia how cute its that?? bright as a button, happy smiles day,
    Shaz in oz.x

  3. oops typo, there, meant fluffy top.. we have one too, very cute.

  4. I shall also be interested to see the building progress Robyn. Do keep showing us. Little Mia is such a dear little baby. What a lovely photo. Have a lovely week.

  5. Hello to baby Mia, she is gorgeous and how can we not smile looking at her lovely little face.
    Have a good weekend Robyn
    Lynn x

  6. Great that there is progress in the renovations. So exciting!
    Your little Mia is a cutie pie!And would make anyone smile!
    Have a great week,

  7. Things seem slow at first but soon the building will start and it will all come to life. Mia is a real sweetie to be sure. Have a great Friday, Angela x

  8. Hi Robyn,

    That cutie pie is definitely worth smiling about.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend. Sue

  9. Hi Robyn, certainly lots to smile about! I too look forward to following your renovations. Mia is so lovely and wow, how those 3 months seem to have flown! Have a great weekend...we are having a nice cool one with finally some much needed rain. Hugs, Vikki x

  10. Lovely post, Robyn, Baby Mia is gorgeous. Hope the renovations go smoothly, Elizabeth xx


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