Friday, 22 January 2016

Friday Smiles

Well this week I am in a state of happy shock, still can't believe that the builders arrived early this morning to measure up and stake out the yard for the posts for the extensions to our house.
Yipppeeee!!!  - Work has started
Here's the builder hammering in the first stacks.
 And this is how it looks this afternoon - with stakes down one side of the house marking out where the holes need to be dug.
Hubby at last has dug up the clothes hoist to be relocated further down the backyard.
 More stakes out the back yard - you can't see them well in the pic but they are there, some with little yellow caps so we won't trip over them.
Yes I AM smiling, how about at your place, have you had a fabulous week, well pop over to Annie's and share. Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for popping in


  1. Wow Robyn your building looks huge.....what rooms are your builders adding? I am excited for you having just finished the main building work here. Lots of hard work ahead of you I'm sure but how lovely it will be when it's all share the progress with us please.
    Have fun,
    Annie x

  2. I smile a lot when I look around the first floor extension we put on our bungalow some
    Eight years ago. It was the best thing we ever did
    Have a good weekend Robyn
    Lynn x

  3. Hi Robyn, How exciting for you. Hope it all goes to plan.

    Hope you have a fab Friday. Sue

  4. Oh, Robyn, what a job this will be and how wonderful the end result will be. As least it's warm and dry unlike here where the job would be stop/start due to the weather.
    Good luck and no doubt you'll keep us informed, just as Annie did with her's.
    Jo x

  5. Wow Robyn! Your extension looks huge. Front and back it seems. I am so excited for you. I hope it all goes to plan and I'm sure you will keep us all updated.
    Thanks for visiting earlier, have a good week and keep smiling!

  6. Wow, Robyn how utterly brilliant..

    ... starting on a Friday too, wonder if he'll work on Monday or make it a four day long weekend like lots of folks with Australia Day on Tuesday.

    Happy Smiles, not playing just saying hi,
    Shaz in Oz.x

    1. Hi Shaz, lol no the men aren't working till next Wed, had that planned well didn't they, but next Wed the holes are dug and then Thurs the uprights concreted in Friday there should be some more pics. Enjoy your weekend, hope you're keeping cool, it's hot here and no rain Cheers Robyn

  7. That sounds exciting Robyn do keep us posted. Happy Friday, Angela x


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