Saturday, 6 August 2016

Friday Smiles

Share a smile...My goodness where did that whole week go .... Friday again (or early Saturday morning here) and time to post my happy moments for Week 181 over at Friday Smiles on Annies blog.   Hope you've had a wonderful week, we certainly have.  I've been busy in my garden in the lovely mornings and then relaxing with mum in the afternoons. 
This year our city - Townsville - is celebrating 150 years and the council are putting on various activities to celebrate.... so last Sunday there was a free concert in the park with the Barrier Reef Orchestra, 1RAR band, Tasmin Little a violinist from UK, soprano Valda Wilson and hosted by our flamboyant radio announcer Steve Price

It was an excellent performance in a beautiful setting.  Mum enjoyed it thoroughly and we sat right up the front with my friend Janice and her visiting friend Barbara.  The orchestra combined with the band for the last item -  TCHAIKOVOSKY, The Year 1812 - Festival Overture  -  and the audience were given paper bags to use as cannon fire for the finale, with others shaking their car keys for the bells.   Mum and I also went along to swimming lessons for the girls and while we watched Sophie, Mia was in the pool with her mum ... she loves the water. Here she is learning to grip the floatie board - those littlies are amazing.

Off for some more digging now, join in and share your happy moments and have a fabulous weekend


  1. Sounds such a fabulous event! We have a presenter on our local radio station who looks just like your Steve Price, he wears wacky clothes too and his name is Pete Price!!!
    amazing to see your littley learning to swim!
    Jo x

  2. Looks like you've had a great week Robyn. I love that guys suit. It's so good to see little ones learning to swim, much easier at that age than trying to learn when you're older. Have a lovely weekend, Angela x

  3. Hi robyn, Sounds like you have had a lovely week. Hope you get a lovely weekend as well. Sue

  4. That sounds like wonderful celebrations and how lovely to enjoy they with your mum. I love seeing little ones learning to swim. We took our three every week when they were little and Amy passed her Silver swimming award at only 6.... The youngest her teacher had ever taught 😄
    Have a great week.
    Annie x

  5. What a lovely, colourful event in the park. I love that sort of open air concert.
    The last picture reminded me of the many hours I spent in the pool with my youngest son, while his older brother was having his lesson. They both learned to swim at about the same time, as the little one had one-to-one attention while the older one was in a group class! Kate x

  6. that looks like a fab concert. Love that suit and the lit up shoes!!
    Your littlie has grown up a bit since I last saw her. Been a while since I joined in!!


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