Friday, 26 June 2015

Friday Smiles

Share a smile... Well it's Friday again already... and another weekend to relax...first I'm posting my Friday Smiles for Annie, week 125 - if you have something that has made your day, why not join in.
My first pic sure bought a smile to my face one morning this week...look out the front door and there's the neighbours cat staring up the tree... and there up the tree is our ginger Henry... bailed up. It seems Oscar has been in the area for many years and has even swapped owners, but he walks around like he owns the place, even ventures in the door and helps himself to food...well you can imagine our two are not there's lots of snarling, and hissing and running.
Now I have started the packing process for our move - slow and steady I figure. And I'm trying to rid myself of many books I've carted around for years...I loved these gorgeous Notebooks, and have decided to rip the front page out as it is made of card and have cut up the gorgeous flowers and will make them into postcards... big grin!!
These sky shots I took late yesterday afternoon - sun's been out all day and I'm noticing out my window it's getting darker... then the thunder and lightning starts and I race out to get the sheets of the line and then race in and out with the camera..
 in minutes it had gone to this and then the rain came and even hail, first time I've seen that here.
That's all from me this week...hubby's just arrived home and we'll go and enjoy a quiet drink and talk over the days events.
Thanks for taking a peek


  1. I'm loving the look of those postcards....what a great way to use your books. Good luck with the packing up.....mine seems to have been packed up for so long now that I'm sure I will find loads that I'd forgotten I had when the time comes to empty the boxes....sooooooon I hope.
    Annie x

  2. At first I just thought "what a lovely pic" until I read and spotted Oscar on sentry duty.... bossy boots, isn't he?
    Your sky pics are gorgeous too. Have a good weekend.
    Jo x

  3. Super photos!! I have lots of visiting cats too as you know ... It looks so pretty where you live ... Have a great weekend!

  4. Lol, cats can be hilarious. I love how he's waiting at the foot of the tree :) Good luck with the packing up!

  5. Haa Haa to the cat on duty!! MIL had a cat that moved in with no invitation. He stayed with her for about 8 years before he died in her arms.
    Great sky photos. Isn't nature fabulous?
    I don't envy you packing to move. I swear that if ever I move again either I will be in a box or I will pay someone else to do it whilst I go to another country! I kid you not!!

  6. Your cat photo made me smile. Chris came down to my room the other evening and said "Why is Arwen in the kitchen?" (She only lives in my craft room usually). So I said "She isn´t. She´s sitting here next to me" So he said , "Well there´s a white cat in our kitchen". It turned out to be a big tom who has been seen around outside a bit just lately. I didn´t think he would come indoors though, not with our four cats and three dogs!
    Well done on the stormy skies photos. They are not easy to take. Kate x

  7. Wonderful pictures and post, love the guard cat and neighborhood bully.

    Hugs Diane

  8. Hi Robyn, great photographs. The shot of the bossy cat is terrific - hope yours got home unscathed :)

    Elizabeth xx

  9. you have created a lot of beautiful cards Robyn, the cat under the tree is beautiful! And your Elf card makes me smile :-))


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