Friday, 12 February 2016

Friday Smiles

Hello there this fine Friday - I'm all ready to share my smiles for this 
Not lots happened this week in the back yard just the cross bracing on the lower steel work - this is essential here in the tropics being a cyclone region.
But some of the exterior cladding has arrived and we went shopping for paint so that is our task for next week.
 Also arriving today are the roof trusses and they have been unloaded onto the nature strip.
This morning hubby and I got busy removing the old carpet and hardboard underlay to expose the old tongue and grove floor - but alas although some are in good condition SOME are not - you can't see the holes and big gaps. You might not though the wall on the right showing the framework and timber lining boards for the wall in the adjacent room - not much to these old homes but that will be clad with plasterboard.
My happy for this week though is my pic of Sophie and her friend (and her mum and me) having a Teddy Bears Picnic lunch indoors - note the bears got the crusts.
Hope you've enjoyed your week and had plenty to smile about - please share over at Annies blog and thanks for taking a peek 
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  1. Oh I love that picture of the teddy bears' picnic!!! It is time mine had one!!! LOL!
    You certainly have alot of house work to do!!
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Teddy bears picnics are a must aren't they? the pic. The structure of your houses is so very different to here....I am really enjoying watching the developments. Really hope all goes well for you.
    Biggest hugs,
    Annie x

  3. Well things are happening with the building and they're great big roof trusses. I love the picture of the Teddy Bears Picnic. Haha Teddy got the crusts. I'm a big girl and often leave mine too! Have a lovely week Robyn. Barbxx

  4. We used to have teddy bears pick nick when mine were small- gorgeous photo :) Good luck with all that work on the house. Soojay xx

  5. I can see you are having good progress! We are having progress too, I've instructed the carpenter to make the kitchen units and I hope they will be finished next week.
    I love seeing the Teddybear's picnic. Sooo sweet! That certainly is a smile!
    Thanks for the smile and thanks for your visit,

  6. Hi Robyn,
    Love the indoor picnic. I'm sure the bears enjoyed the crust - sometimes that really is the best part of the bread.

    The building project looks like it's coming along nicely. After my place was flooded I had to yank out the carpet. My place is built on a cement slab so no wood flooring underneath.

    Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Nothing better than a picnic even when it's indoors! I thought there would be more to see with the building but maybe next week. Have a great Friday and happy crafty weekend, Angela x

  8. Hope all keeps going well with the extension.

    Teddy Bears prefer the crust;)

    Hope you have a nice weekend. Sue

  9. Ah. Lovely teddy bears picnic! I hope the building problems get sorted. It is a big project! Kate x

  10. Hi Robyn, good to see some progress has been made, if only a little. It will suddenly all come together eventually. Love the photo of Sophie and the teddy bears' picnic ... it's occasions like these that happy memories are made of :) Hope you have a good weekend. Elizabeth xx

  11. Loving all that is happening with the house Robyn...lots of baby steps...but oh so worth it in the end I'm sure! Such a cute photo of Sophie and her friend and her bears...those bears will get curly hair from that crust...or was that just a myth when I was growing a great week. Vikki x

  12. Sorry sorry sorry I was totally distracted by the blue skies over at your place haha. But then the babies dragged me back in
    Lynn xx


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