Sunday, 15 January 2017

Our Beautiful World - Bicycle

With the start of the new year I'm thinking that I should play along again at Our Beautiful World....I take so many photos or really they're just snapshots and so when I checked the theme for this week - Bicycles, I realised I had the just photo.... dearest grand daughter got a bicycle for Christmas - she was so eager to show me how she could ride it Christmas morning - has to make you smile.

OBW 180 ~ Bicycle


  1. Oh, how sweet, it makes me smile indeed!


  2. Hi Robyn, Brings back memories when I had the stabilisers taken off and my dad kept hold of the bike as I cycled and then I realised he had let go, but I was ok.

    Thanks for sharing. Sue

  3. How lovely! BTW, the sign-up for the February CCC is open on the new site. It's hidden by Deborah's note about her health so you'll have to scroll back a post if you'd like to join in again. So pleased to see you in the January chain. Have a happy Sunday, Jo x

  4. Hi Robyn!! Oh how adorable is this photo! My how she's grown! Thank for sharing with us at OBW!!

  5. A barefoot Christmas morning, how cool is that (and unthinkable for us)!
    Glad to see you back, greetings from Germany :)

  6. I only learned to ride a two-wheel bike as an adult but my memories of my three-wheeler when I was a toddler still bring me joy. I hope your granddaughter will continue to have many happy rides and transfer to a 2-wheeler sooner than I did. :)


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